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Elias Peissner Prize Winners

  • The Elias Peissner Prize is awarded to an economics major who has done work of outstanding merit, generally on their senior thesis.
    • 2020: Ngoc Minh Le, "ASEAN in Global Value Chains:The Effects of Deep Trade Agreements on Value-Added Trade." Advised by Mehmet Fuat Sener.
    • 2019: Marc Perlman, "Investigating How the Type and Intensity of Chronic Pain Affect an Individual’s Risk Preferences." Advised by Kaywana Raeburn.
    • 2018: Aaron Gordon, "Do Religious People’s Marriage Decisions Reflect Their Preferences?" Advised by Jia Gao.
    • 2017: Emily Su, "Hospital Merger and Acquisition Effects on Healthcare Quality and Cost." Advised by Doug Klein.
    • 2016: Pierre Castro, "Innovation, Informal Competition and Knowledge Transfers: A Cross Country Study of Firms in Eastern Europe, North Africa and Middle East." Advised by Mehmet Fuat Sener.
    • 2015: Yaqi Gao, "Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Labor Migration: Evidence from U.S. Nonimmigrant Visa Statistics." Advised by Younghwan Song.
    • 2014: Cate Gegen, "Does Public School Administrative Spending Affect District House Prices?" Advised by Stephen Schmidt.
    • 2013: Faraz Khan, "Moving Forward from the Arab Spring: Predicting the Level of Democracy in a Nation Post-Revolution." Advised by Lewis Davis.
    • 2012: Mark Chaskes, "Do Cigarette Taxes Make Smokers Happier than Nonsmokers?" Advised by Younghwan Song.
    • 2011: Emily Lacroix, "Applying Fair Division to Global Carbon Emission Permit Markets." Advised by Stephen Schmidt.
    • 2010: John Mahlstedt, "A Closer Look at the Generic Competition Paradox." Advised by Stephen Schmidt.
    • 2009: Matthew Cook, "Another Brick in the Wall: Analysis of the 'Illinois Wall' Model and the Implications of the Illinois Brick Decision." Advised by Stephen Schmidt.
    • 2008: Courtney Chais, “Tourism Trends and Patterns: What Are the Determining Factors?” Advised by Eshragh Motahar.
    • 2007: Jonathan Young, "Vaccinating the Next Generation: Are Children with Foreign-Born Mothers Less Likely to Receive Recommended Immunizations?" Advised by Younghwan Song.

2021 Honors Thesis Posters

  • Click here for a list of students & presentations.
    • Emersyn Alberici, "Does Female Leadership Impact Firm Financial Performance?" Advised by Dong Cheng
    • Drew Blackmun, "Medicare Advantage: Impact of Oscar Entry."
    • Leo Cavedagne, "Early 20th Century Industrialization: Equitable Income Growth Through Manufacturing Productivity Improvement." Advised by Carl Cheng
    • Kevin Chaimowitz, "Synergies & Stocks." Advised by Carl Cheng
    • Lily Dong, "How Does Trade Policy Uncertainty (TPU) Affect Sentiment?"
    • Justin Esposito, "How Does Social Capital Impact the COVID-19 Response in the US on a County-Level?" Advised by Lewis Davis and Arsalan Khan
    • Lindsay Gerrato, "The Resilience of Entertainment Over Business Cycles."
    • Alexander Glehan, "Assessing a Potential Correlation Between Housing Prices and School Quality, as Measured by Academic Performance Metrics."
    • Ryan Helmig, "The Effect of ESG Rating on Financial Performance and Green Bond Issuance within the United States." Advised by Alicia Dang
    • George Herold, "Examining the Impact of the US Federal Reserve's Quantitative Easing on Bank Lending 2009-2012."
    • Jack Koch, "Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Consumer Behavior in Retail Stores During April-June 2020." Advised by Dolores Garrido
    • Benita Lopez, "Trends in the Adoption of Digital Health Technology." Advised by Tomas Dvorak and Nick Webb
    • Thomas Mello, "The Effect of the CARES Act on GDP Growth Rates at the State Level."
    • An Nyguyen, "COVID-19 Dilemma: Signaling Effect on Cooperative Behavior."
    • Nathan Olsen, "Base Erosion and Profit Shifting in Continental Africa and Beyond, a Comparative Analysis."
    • Jack Pierre, "Power of the Policy Burden: Effects of State Ownership on Employment in Vietnamese Firms." Advised by Alicia Dang
    • Aarya Rijal, "Evaluating the Impact of One Belt One Road Initiative on the Gravity Estimates of Partner Countries."
    • Kyle Riley, "Using Difference-in-Differences Analysis and the Kocyk Geometric Lag Model to Estimate Aspects of Carbon Tax Effectiveness in Nordic Countries."
    • Corey Rutkin, "Analyzing the Relationship Between SNAP Participation and Private Establishments in America's Largest Cities During and After Recessions." Advised by Funda Dogruer
    • Julianna Sweet, "The Effect of Item Presentation (Pictorial, Verbal, and Combination) on Choice Overload and Tendency to Opt-Out of Choice." Advised by Kaywana Raeburn
    • Matthew Toy, "The Effect of AI Implementation on Total Factor Productivity." Advised by Stephen Schmidt
    • Mark Williamson, "Spillover Effects of Amazon's 2018 Minimum Wage Increase."

2020 Honors Thesis Posters

  • Click here for a list of students & presentations.
    • Aaron Wu, "How did Medicaid Expansion Affect the Provider Labor Market?" Advised by Younghwan Song.
    • Alyssa Trebino, "Income Inequality and Automobile Adoption: How does the Introduction of the Automobile Affect Income Inequality?" Advised by Carl Cheng.
    • Drew Johnson, "Implications for Change in Adaptation to the Modern Sustainable Apparel Industry."
    • Ethan Craig, "Price Predictability for Collectible Sneakers." Advised by Tomas Dvorak.
    • Griffin Morgan, "The Effect of Time on ESG Scores in the S&P 500." Advised by Ercan Karadas.
    • Jonathan Ellis, "The Effect of The U.S. Fed Funds Rate On The Yuan/Dollar Exchange Rate, Post 2005." Advised by Funda Dogruer.
    • Kylie Stevens, "The Salary Cap's Economic & Societal Role in the National Hockey League." Advised by Lewis Davis & Robert Samet.
    • Martynas Simanavicius, "Does the Implementation of Renewable Energy Incentives Improve the State's Energy Efficiency in the United States?" Advised by Stephen Schmidt.
    • Ngoc Minh Le, "ASEAN in Clobal Value Chains: The Effects of Deep Trade Agreements on Value-Added Trade." Advised by Mehmet Fuat Sener.
    • Robert C. Harrington III, "Does Recruitment Mail Increase Applications to Union?" Advised by Tomas Dvorak.
    • Spencer Napolitano, "Colonial Mining & Contemporary Trust in Latin American." Advised by Lewis Davis.

2019 Honors Thesis Posters

  • Click here for a list of students & presentations.
    • Andrew Kielar, "How Scandals Impact Stock Prices." Advised by Dong Cheng.
    • Caleb Yoken, "Cartel Practices and Policies in the World War II Era." Advised by Doug Klein & Mark Walker.
    • Colin Murphy, "The Nature of Asset Bubbles and the Timing of Their Burst."
    • Derek Khnaizir, "Global Impact of the U.S. Economy: An Analysis of the Channels of Interconnection and their Transmission Effects."
    • Jonathan Fields, "The Generic Paradox: Insight to the Process of Drug Pricing."
    • Justin Nguyen, "Data Center REITs as a Portfolio Component." Advised by Tomas Dvorak.
    • Kevin McNoble, "Oil Price Changes Affecting the Russian Macroeconomy." Advised by Dong Cheng.
    • Maha Mian, "The Economics of Fashion: Do Newcomers to the Industry Have a Chance?" Advised by Eshragh Motahar.
    • Marc Perlman, "How Does the Type and Intensity of Chronic Pain Affect an Individual's Willingness to Take Risks?" Advised by Kaywana Raeburn.
    • Matt Egglin, "Analysis for Phishing Prevention." Advised by Tomas Dvorak & John Rieffel.
    • Pedram Malakian, "Impact of Generational Experiences on Anti-Immigration Sentiments."
    • Phil Panici, "Is the Use of Fossil Fuels for Electricity Generation Declining with Renewable Popularity?"
    • Aidan Loh, "Examining the Effectiveness of Chinese Monetary Policy." Advised by Funda Dogruer.
    • Sarah Kaplan, "A Cross County Examination of Fiscal Federalism in the 2016 Election." Advised by Eshragh Motahar.
    • Talitha Kumaresan, "The Business Cycle and U.S. Health Outcomes." Advised by Jeeten Giri.
    • Dhruv Patel, "Radiographic and Health Economic Analysis of Acetabular Retractors Placement Relative to Neurovascular Structure in Various Total Hip Arthroplasty Surgical Approaches." Advised by Stephen Schmidt.
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