Department of Economics


Fall term 2019

Sept. 13

Hakan Yilmazkuday, Ph.D.  Weblink: Here
Florida International Univ.


Sept. 19

Stephen J. Schmidt, Ph.D.   Weblink: Here
Union College

  • Faculty Seminar  12:50-1:50 PM Lipm 100:  "Student Loans, Financial Aid, and College Retention Rates"


Sept. 26

Donald Lehmann '73 Ph.D.  Weblink: Here
Columbia Univ.

Russell Winer '66 Ph.D.  Weblink: Here
New York Univ.

  •  Student Talk 12:50-1:50 PM  O'Brien Bldg 117: Title of talk to be announced

  • Faculty Seminar 4:00-5:30 PM Karp 105: Research Frontiers in Marketing


October 25

Nam T. Vu Ph.D.     Weblink: Here  
Miami University of Ohio

  • Faculty Seminar  3:30-5:00PM  Lipm 200:  "Asymmetric Effects of Sectoral Shifts Under Low and High Uncertainty"


November 7

Tanseli Savaser Ph.D.
Vassar College

  • Faculty Seminar  3:00-5:00PM  Lipm 200:  "CEO Incentives and Bank Risk Over the Business Cycle"