Department of Economics

Economics Support Center

The Economics Department provides extra assistance for students taking ECO 101, ECO 241, ECO 242 & ECO 243. Students can choose to attend an open tutoring session (available only for those taking ECO 101) or schedule an individual meeting with a tutor.

Economics Support Center Schedule - Evening Tutoring Sessions 

ECO 101: WINTER '24

Time and Days: 7:00-9:00 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays

Location: Lippman 100

Individual tutoring in ECO 101 is also available - see your instructor for more information

Guidelines for Individual Tutoring

  1. You need to email one of the tutors listed below or DM @uceconomicssupportcenter on Instagram to determine a mutually agreeable time and place to meet. Tutoring sessions may be held in a suitable public space on campus (for example—in a Minerva House, a library group study room, or in the Campus Center). Be sure to plan ahead - tutors may not be available right away! Please do not assume that tutors will be available on short notice right before midterms and finals. Tutors also have their own academic obligations throughout the term. It is your responsibility to schedule the agreeable tutoring hours while keeping in mind the critical dates for both you and the tutor.
  2. Bring your textbook and your questions with you to the tutoring session.
  3. Your tutor will fill out a record sheet for each tutoring session indicating your name as well as the time and location of the tutoring sessions. Both you (the tutee) and your tutor must sign this form in order for your tutor to get paid.

Winter 2024 Schedule

The Economics Support Center

Open from 7—9 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Lippman 100.

Individual Tutoring:

You need to email one of the tutors listed or DM uceconomicssupportcenter on Instagram to determine a mutually agreeable time and place to meet.

Contact Information - Individual Tutors

  • Director of Economics Support Center
    • Prof. Prateek Arora (
  • ECO 101- Intro to Economics

    Course Instructor: Professor Zachary Rodriguez

    Tutor's Names and Emails:

    Brian Breslow
    ESC: THU

    Maddie Suitor
    ESC: THU

    Juhi Bhuwalka
    ESC: TUE

    Huyen Tran
    ESC: TUE

    Lucas Montalto
    ESC: THU

  • ECO 241- Microeconomic Analysis

    Course Instructor: Professor Stephen Schmidt

    Tutor's Names and Emails:

    Lucas Montalto
    ESC: THU

    Areeba Saqib
    ESC: TUE

  • ECO 242- Macro Theory & Policy

    Course Instructor: Professor Prateek Arora

    Tutor Name and Email:

    Liam Moran

  • ECO 243- Intro to Econometrics

    Course Instructor: Professor Tomas Dvorak

    Tutor's Names and Emails:

    Anton Tatus
    ESC: TUE

    Emily Vasquez
    ESC: THU

    Brian Breslow
    ESC: THU

  • Individual Tutors for Stata and R:

    Sebastian Graber-Adamsons

Want to be a Tutor?

Interested in becoming an Economics tutor? Email Prof. Prateek Arora ( for more details. Make sure to include your full name, ID#, the course(s) that you are interested in tutoring, along with at least one economics faculty reference.