For the Record - Week of Sept. 22, 2023

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Tommaso Gazzarri, associate professor of classics, published a new book, “Searching for the Cinaedus in Ancient Rome,” which he co-edited with Jesse Weiner of Hamilton College. This is the first book-length study of the cryptic figure of the ancient cinaedus in both literature and daily life. The volume is available in both digital and hard format here.

Mary Guerrant, visiting assistant professor of psychology, received a $10,000 grant through the GLMA Lesbian Health Fund for a research project: “Let's Tok About S3x: Patterns and Possibilities of Utilizing TikTok to Improve LGBTQ+ Women's Sexual Health.” Learn more about it here.

An article co-authored by Zoe Oxley, the William D. Willams Professor of Political Science, was recently published in Political Research Quarterly. The article, “Partisanship on the Playground: Expressive Party Politics Among Children,” explores children's party identification. The authors demonstrate that, as is the case with adults, partisan children tend to have more negative and affect-laden evaluations of political leaders than do their non-partisan peers. Read the article here.

Jennifer Fredricks, professor of psychology, published a paper, “Getting Students Engaged in Learning,” in Standards: The Journal of the National Association of School Boards. She was a presenter at the Education Week K-12 forum on Student Motivation and Engagement: Unraveling the Science and Strategies in the panel on the science of motivation on Sept. 21. She also wrote two chapters, “Social Indicators” and “Measurement of Task Engagement” for the forthcoming book, “Cross disciplinary task engagement: evidence-based research and strategies to increase student achievement,” due to be published by Routledge this fall.

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