Classics Department
Tommaso Gazzarri

Tommaso Gazzarri

Job Title
Associate Professor of Classics
LOA Fall 2020
Lamont House 305

Research interests

His research interests focus on Roman Stoicism, ancient science, and silver Latin literature.

Additional media


His course offerings include Roman law, a history of ancient sexuality and gender, and engineering in the ancient world.


In 2010 he published an introduction, translation, and commentary of Seneca’s De Brevitate Vitae, and in 2014 a new edition of two of Plautus’ late comedies (Poenulus and Truculentus). His newly completed monograph (De Gruyter, Berlin, 2020) analyses the theory and practice of metaphors in Seneca’s prose oeuvre. Prof. Gazzarri is currently working on a new co-edited volume, which explores the cryptic figure of the κίναιδος/cinaedus in classical antiquity. He is a 2017-18 recipient of a Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship from Harvard University.


Academic credentials

LAUREA, Università degli Studi di Pisa; M.A., Johns Hopkins University; M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Yale University