People in the news – Week of Oct. 9, 2020

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Conferences, seminars and panels:

Ann Anderson, the Agnes S. MacDonald Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Bradford Bruno, professor of mechanical engineering, Mary Carroll, the Dwane W. Crichton Professor of Chemistry, and Joana Santos '20, post-baccalaureate researcher, attended the 2020 CLEERS Workshop. This conference, which focuses on studies of exhaust emission control devices and is attended by researchers from industry, academia and national laboratories, is ordinarily held in Detroit, Mich., but was moved online due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Union researchers authored a poster, “Effect of Slurry Processing on the Properties of Catalytically Active Aerogel Material,” with Anderson as presenting author. Diana Lang, a former post-baccalaureate researcher, also co-authored the presentation, which was part of the Union College Aerogel Team's current research into catalytic aerogels for automotive pollution mitigation. The research is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation's Partnership for Innovation Technology Transfer program.

Exhibits and performances:

A piece by Fernando Orellana, associate professor of visual arts, is featured in Opalka Gallery’s latest show, “Infinite Uncertainty.” The gallery is the formal exhibition facility of The Sage Colleges and is located on Sage’s Albany campus. Orellana shares more about his work in the exhibit on the gallery’s Instagram here.

Newspapers, media and podcasts:

Hilary Tann, the John Howard Payne Professor of Music Emerita, was a recent guest on 1 Track, a podcast hosted by Anthony Joseph Lanman. The premise of the podcast is to ask composers and leading performers of new classical music one question: “If someone was interested in getting to know your music, and you only had one track to play for them, what track would that be?” Tann shares the inspiration for her 1997 piano trio, “Nothing Forgotten,” which comes from a poem by Jordan Smith, the Edward E. Hale, Jr., Professor of English, and her relationship with the nearby Adirondack Mountains serves as the backdrop. Listen to the podcast here.


A paper by Jeffrey Corbin, professor of biological sciences, was published in the journal, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. In “Temperate biocrusts: Mesic Counterparts to their Better-Known Dryland Cousins,” Corbin and his co-author highlight the existence and importance of biological soil crusts in the Northeast including New York. The paper can be viewed here.

A new book by Tommaso Gazzarri, associate professor of classics, was recently published by De Gruyter. “The Stylus and the Scalpel” focuses on ancient stoicism and can be found here.

An article by Stephanie Mueller, assistant professor of modern languages, was published in Romance Quarterly. Learn more about “Jordi Punti’s Els castellans: Reshaping Catalan Narratives of Immigration and Integration” here.

The fourth edition of a textbook by Zoe Oxley, professor of political science, was recently published. “Public Opinion: Democratic Ideals, Democratic Practice,” was co-authored with Rosalee Clawson of Purdue University. Learn more here.

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