Visual Arts
Fernando Orellana

Fernando Orellana

Job Title
Professor of Visual Arts -
Digital Arts
Feigenbaum Center for Visual Arts 104

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Artist statement

Dying and birthing for generations upon generation, always arriving at a question, we hurtle through space and time, helplessly out of control. Approaching the future at an ever-increasing pace and plugged into one another ingenuously, we perpetually dismantle and assemble each other. Along the way encountering irregular moments of nirvana, keeping us interested and entertained.

It is through this prism that my recent artwork is born. Taking on varying forms and mediums, the visions that have surfaced of late lean towards conversations about the nature of reality, our place on the mortal coil, the relationship and communications we share with one another, and what may lie beyond the shackles of the living. Like the prisoners of Plato’s cave, what dreams may come as we reawaken from the shadows into the blinding light?

Academic credentials

B.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago; M.F.A., The Ohio State University