Headshot of Professor Mary Carroll

Mary K. Carroll '86

Job Title
Dwane W. Crichton Professor of Chemistry
Science and Engineering S230
Department/Program: Chemistry

Research interests

Since the 2001-02 academic year, my main research focus has been on the fabrication, characterization and applications of aerogel materials. Prof. Ann Anderson (Union C. Mechanical Engineering Dept.) and I co-direct the Aerogel Lab, a highly productive, cross-disciplinary research group. Union College undergraduate students and faculty members have developed and patented an alternate approach to preparing aerogels. In addition to fundamental studies of the novel fabrication process, our team investigates applications of aerogels in areas as diverse as chemical sensing, catalysis, and drag reduction.


  • CHM 090 The Art & Science of Painting [cross-listed as AAH 205]
  • CHM 101 Introductory Chemistry I
  • CHM 102 Introductory Chemistry II
  • CHM 240 Analytical Chemistry
  • CHM 340 Chemical Instrumentation

I teach courses for majors (in both general and analytical chemistry) and those for non-majors. In all of these, I engage students in rigorous, laboratory-based scientific inquiry.


  • Key: * indicates undergraduate student co-author; ** indicates masters student co-author; *** indicates high-school student co-author.
  • Ann M. Anderson, Bradford A. Bruno, Elizabeth A. Donlon*, Luisa F. Posada* and Mary K. Carroll  “Fabrication and Testing of Catalytic Aerogels Prepared via Rapid Supercritical Extraction.”  Invited manuscript accepted (2017) for publication in the Journal of Visualized Experiments.
  • Osman Karatum, Md Mainul H. Bhuiya, Mary K. Carroll, Ann M. Anderson and Desirée L. Plata, “Life cycle assessment of aerogel manufacture on small and large scales: Weighing the use of advanced materials in oil spill remediation,” Accepted (2017) for publication in the Journal of Industrial Ecology.
  • Zachary M. Tobin*, Luisa F. Posada*, Aude M. Bechu*, Mary K. Carroll, Ryan M. Bouck*, Ann M. Anderson and Bradford A. Bruno  “Preparation and Characterization of Copper-containing Alumina and Silica Aerogels for Catalytic Applications.”  Invited manuscript, in press (2017), Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, DOI 10.1007/s10971-017-4425-9
  • Ann M. Anderson, Elizabeth A. Donlon*, Adam A. Forti*, Vinicius Silva***, Bradford A. Bruno, Mary K. Carroll “Synthesis and Characterization of Copper-Nanoparticle-Containing Silica Aerogel Prepared Via Rapid Supercritical Extraction for Applications in Three-Way Catalysis.” MRS Advances, 2017, 1–6. http://doi.org/10.1557/adv.2017.343
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Honors and Awards:

  • Fellow, American Chemical Society, 2016.
  • 100 Inspiring Women in STEM Award, INSIGHT into Diversity magazine, 2015.
  • Faculty Meritorious Service Award, Union College Alumni Council, 2012.
  • Outstanding Service Award, New York Section of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, 2009.
  • Stillman Prize for outstanding teaching, Union College, 1995.

Current Professional Activities:

  • Councilor, Eastern New York section of the American Chemical Society (ACS), 1998 to present.
  • Vice Chair, ACS Council Policy Committee (CPC), 2017 to present.
  • Co-Chair, ACS Board-CPC Task Force on Governance Design, 2016 to present.
  • Associate, ACS Leadership Advisory Board (LAB), 2015 to present.

Academic Credentials

Ph.D., Indiana University; B.S., Union College