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Jeffrey Corbin

Jeffrey Corbin

Job Title
Professor of Biological Sciences
Wold Center 119
Department/Program: Biology, ESPE

Research interests

I am a plant ecologist who studies questions at the intersection of community and ecosystem ecology. Much of my focus is on the effects of invasive species and land use change on biodiversity and soil dynamics. I also work to apply my findings to strategies to conservation and habitat restoration.

Teaching interests

Courses: Heredity, Evolution and Ecology (BIO 103), Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENS 100) and Plant Ecology (BIO 324) and Advanced Topics in Ecology (BIO 329)


Representative List; Student authors italicized

Gilbert, J.A. and J. Corbin. 2019. Biological soil crusts inhibit seed germination in a temperate pine barren ecosystem. PLoS One 14: e0212466.

Corbin, J.D., M. Wolford, C.L. Zimmerman, and B. Quirion. 2017. Applying decision support tools to weed management: A retrospective analysis of garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) control. Restoration Ecology 25: S170-S177.

Corbin, J.D., G.R. Robinson, L.M. Hafkemeyer, and S.N. Handel. 2016. A long-term evaluation of applied nucleation as a strategy to facilitate forest restoration. Ecological Applications 26:104:114.

Corbin, J.D. and K. Holl. 2012. Applied nucleation as a forest restoration strategy. Forest Ecology and Management 265: 37-46.

Stromberg, M., C.M. D’Antonio and J.D. Corbin, editors. 2007. “California grasslands: Ecology and Management.” University of California Press.

Corbin, J.D. and C. M. D’Antonio. 2004. Competition between native and exotic grasses in California: Implications for an historical invasion. Ecology85:1273-1283.

Additional media

Academic credentials

B.A., University of California at Santa Cruz; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley