For the Record -- Week of Sept. 23, 2022

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Kimmo Rosenthal, professor emeritus of mathematics, had two essays published over the summer. “Interiors,” which appeared in After the Art, relates a painting by the Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi to the book The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard. “The True Fiction of Claire-Louise Bennett,” is a book review of her novel Checkout 19. It appeared in the journal Tiny Molecules.

Jeffrey Corbin, professor of biology, and Emma Flatland ’21 published a paper in Ecology and Evolution titled “Mapping edaphic soils’ conditions to identify conservation targets for pine barren and sandplain ecosystems in New York State.” They used Geographic Information System (GIS) tools to identify conditions that could support pine barren and sandplain ecosystems like those at our nearby Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Their model identified widespread soils in our region and elsewhere in the state that could, with proper conservation and management, support the rare and unique biodiversity found in these ecosystems. The paper can be viewed here.

Saladdin Ahmed, visiting professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, has published two papers. “Fascism as an Ideological Form: A Critical Theory” was published by Critical Sociology, on July 15 (2022) and can be accessed through this link. The same theory is further elaborated in his upcoming book, Critical Theory from the Margins, Horizons of Possibility in the Age of Extremism, which is anticipated to be published in June 2023, by State University of New York (SUNY) Press. Also, “Negativity as the Compass of Revolution: A Marxist Rejection of the No-alternative Ethos” was published in Science & Society 86, no. 3 (July 2022): 409-438, and it can be accessed here.

Ann M. Anderson, the Agnes S. MacDonald Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Mary K. Carroll ’86, the Dwane W. Crichton Professor of Chemistry, co-authored a talk that was presented at the XVII Color Conference of the Gruppo del Colore in Florence, Italy. The presenting author was Costanza Fiorini, PhD, who spent the Fall 2021 term performing research in the Union College Aerogel Laboratory as a visiting graduate student from the University of Perugia (Italy).
Full citation:
Costanza Vittoria Fiorini, Francesca Merli, Elisa Belloni, Cinzia Buratti, Ann M. Anderson and Mary K. Carroll
“Colorimetric analysis and color rendering performance of a small-scale glazing system with thin monolithic aerogel in the interspace.”
Paper no. 83 at the XVII Color Conference of the Gruppo del Colore, Florence, Italy, September 2022.

Lori Marso, the Doris Zemurray Stone Professor of Modern Literary and Historical Studies and director of Africana studies, has published an article (in French) in a French journal [Cités 2022/2 (N° 90)] this summer on Simone de Beauvoir and the Cinematic Encounter. It can be accessed here. She also published an article, “Feeling Like a Feminist with Audrey Diwan’s ‘Happening’”, this summer in the Los Angeles Review of Books. Read the article here. Both articles are part of a book Marso is finishing titled Feeling Like a Feminist: Cinematic Encounters with Collective Experiences.

Raik Zaghloul, head of collection development and government documents librarian, created a wall installation of the U.S. Constitution at Schaffer Library in celebration of Constitution Day on Sept. 17. The U.S. Government Printing Office Twitter account featured the display as part of their tribute to federal deposit libraries. Schaffer has been a FDL since 1901.

Stacie Raucci, the Frank Bailey Professor of Classics and Chair of the Department of Classics, presented two papers recently. The first one was at a conference on "Classics and the Supernatural" at the Brading Roman Villa on the Isle of Wight, U.K. It was on ancient underworld myths and their use in haute couture and titled “Catwalk Katabasis: Eurydice, Persephone, and Modern Fashion.” The second paper, “Looking back in beauty: Orpheus and Eurydice in the cosmetics Industry” was delivered virtually at a hybrid conference hosted by the University of Cardiff called “I’m Your Venus: The Reception of Antiquity in Modern Cosmetic Advertising.”

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