For the Record - Week of May 17, 2024

Publication Date

Stephanie Curley, Mary H. and Richard K. Templeton assistant professor, along with David Krimer '25 and Bennett Beaulieu '25 presented at the Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting on April 24. Their poster, Outer Membrane Vesicles as a Multicomponent Lyme Disease Vaccine, won best poster in the Lipid Materials Symposium. It was also nominated for best overall poster at the meeting. The research is focused on studying the immunology of and developing new vaccines for Lyme Disease.

A new study by Cameron Kay, visiting assistant professor of psychology, that highlights an issue with data collected on Mechanical Turk, Amazon's widely-used crowdsourcing platform, is featured in a news story in the journal Science.

In the study, Kay examined the association between 27 pairs of contradictory statements (for example, "I talk a lot" and "I rarely talk"). The results showed that participants on Mechanical Turk responded similarly to the statements, such that people who agreed with "I talk a lot" were also more likely to agree with "I rarely talk."

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