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Leadership in Medicine

For more than thirty years, Albany Medical College and Union College have offered a combined degree program integrating undergraduate and medical education. Graduates of this program are now teaching at medical schools, leading federal research agencies and practicing medicine throughout the world.

The program described in this website was expanded to cover eight years and includes an M.S. or M.B.A. degree from Clarkson University (Capital Region Campus). This degree helps address the problems of 21st-century medicine and the educational needs of physicians who lead it.

Hear from LIM students who are on their way to becoming physicians at Albany Medical College

The medicine of the new millennium will require physicians to understand medicine not only as the application of biomedical science to the art of healing, but also as a socio-economic and cultural institution. It will require cosmopolitan leaders with a broad international perspective-- physicians who are not only dedicated to caring for their patients, but who are willing to confront the complex bioethical problems facing contemporary medicine.

This educational program offers combined bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees for students who anticipate assuming a leadership role in 21st-century medicine.