Study Zones

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Find your study zone!

Schaffer Library has three designated study zone types throughout the building that is enforced all year round, but especially becomes important during finals week. Please check to ensure you are in the right zone by noting the sign here, which is also posted around the building.

Quiet Study (Red)

What is quiet study?

  • NO cellphone use
  • NO conversations

Where is quiet study?

  • Lally Reading Room (1st floor, behind the glass doors)
  • Second Floor Stacks (behind the glass doors)
  • The entire THIRD floor.

Quiet Collaboration (Yellow)

What is quiet collaboration?

  • LIGHT conversation
  • LOW speaking voice
  • NO cellphone use

Where is quiet collaboration?

  • Second Floor (all except behind the glass doors)
  • Basement

Open Collaboration (Green)

What is open collaboration?

  • Conversation permitted
  • SHORT cellphone conversations

Where is open collaboration?

  • First Floor Learning Commons