Scholars Program

The Seward Minor

The Seward Organizing Theme Minor provides a unique opportunity for students to craft a research program that draws connections between different areas of the Union College curriculum. Seward OT Minors allows students to juxtapose courses in creative ways and develop interdisciplinary approaches to real world questions and problems.

The minor will contain:

  • 6 courses that relate to the theme and support the goals of the minor. The courses must come from at least two departments.
  • A Seward Project: an independent study through which fellows explore the theme and are guided in their research project by a faculty member.
  • No more than four courses from a single department (unless the minor consists of more than seven courses).
  • At least four courses at the 200 level (or higher), not including any of the Seward project courses (ORT295H, ORT296H, or ORT297H). At least one of these courses must be at the 300 level or higher.

Other requirements of the Seward Organizing Theme Minor:

  • At the time of their application, students must identify a faculty member who will advise them on the Seward OT minor and oversee the Seward Project.
  • Students may count two courses from their major or another minor toward the Seward OT minor; however, the number of courses constituting the major and a minor must total 18 or more.
  • Students may not count more than two courses that have already been taken (at the time of application) towards their Seward OT minor.
  • Students in majors that require 40 credits to graduate may count the Seward Project as one of their 6 required courses for the minor. However, the Seward Project will not count towards the 200-level (or higher) requirements for the minor.