Office of Student Activities


Student Forum

The Student Forum is the governing body of the student body and is advised by the Director of Student Activities.

ACE (Association of Campus Events)

ACE is responsible for the majority of late-night, weekend programs on campus and is advised by the Assistant Director of Student Activities. Would you like to become involved? Send an email to ACE.


UEngage is the platform used by all student groups on campus to advertise their events to the student body.

Approving Flyers for Reamer Campus Center

Student Activities approves all flyers that get hung in Reamer Campus Center. Any student, faculty, or staff member can bring 5 flyers to our office in Reamer 404 to be approved. The posting policy is listed below for reference for anyone looking to post a flyer.

  • Posting Policy
    • All posters and flyers to be displayed in Reamer must be approved with the approval stamp in Student Activities (Reamer 404). Any signs without the original stamp will be removed.
    • Only FIVE flyers will be approved per event to hang in Reamer.
    • Please hang posters on bulletin boards, doors, and windows.
      • Posters can be hung on the glass surfaces around doors but not on the actual door.
    • Flyers cannot be hung on:
      • painted walls
      • covering AED/fire emergency signs
      • on the top half of the glass wall outside of Dutch Hollow (the lower half with opaque glass is clear)
    • Only scotch or masking tape can be used to hang posters. NO PACKING TAPE, DUCT TAPE, OR ANY OTHER ADHESIVE CAN BE USED.
    • If a flyer is on a painted surface (e.g. the handrail of stairs, walls), it will be taken down and subject to a $50.00 fine if there is any damage to the surface.
    • When your event is over, please remember to remove your posters!
    • No posters or flyers can be hung in the new Wold Center or the new Science and Engineering building.

    **Off-campus groups may hang flyers in Reamer, provided they are appropriate and follow the posting policy. If they want to post elsewhere on campus, they should talk to someone in those buildings.

Leadership Experience Pre-Orientation

Student Activities coordinates the Leadership Experience Pre-Orientation. This program is packed with fun activities and events that are designed to help new students discern their co-curricular interests, learn important leadership skills, and get to know their peers.

Discounted Movie Tickets

Students can purchase discounted movie tickets for Bowtie Cinemas or Regal Theaters in the Office of Student Activities. Tickets are available during regular business hours.

Annual Events

Student Activities works with various student groups for a number of annual events, including SpringFest, one of the most anticipated events of the year featuring an array of music from contemporary performers and bands, and All Night Party, where ACE takes over the entire campus center for the night, hosting a variety of events, activities, and food stations.