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Union College has a thriving Student Forum, members of this body are involved in many of the institutional decisions. Elections are held annually, in the spring for the majority of the student body, and in the fall for the first year students. Elections are competitive and create a natural sense of excitement on campus. The Student Forum oversees the operations of all student clubs and organizations. This governing body also oversees the student activity fee, which each student pays along with their tuition. This money is allocated to 100+ student clubs and organizations. The Student Forum looks to their constitution and adviser for guidance. Student Forum meetings are held on a weekly basis when classes are in session, and are open to the student body.

The Union College Student Forum meets weekly. If you have any inquiries about Student Forum, please email the 23-24 Student Body President Lani Waggoner at

Student Forum Minutes 2022 - 2023

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Student Forum Minutes Archive