The Minerva Program

All students and faculty belong to one of seven Minerva Houses, which bring together the campus community for hundreds of events each year. With a generous programming budget, students plan and host everything from film discussions to pancake study breaks.

Minerva facts

  • All incoming students are assigned to a Minerva House. You're likely to take your First-Year Preceptorial in your house and to live in the same residence as other members of your Minerva. You'll also get to know the faculty assigned to your house.
  • Each house has its own student-run governing council and a budget for academic and social events.
  • The majority of events are open to members of all houses, but students generally are most involved in their assigned houses.
  • The top floors of the houses provide living space for sophomores, juniors and seniors.
  • All houses feature great rooms, seminar rooms and full kitchens for use by house members.
Photo shows the exterior of a Minerva House and students inside the house talking.

Living in a Minerva

The upper levels of Minerva Houses contain residence halls offering distinctive housing for over 240 upper-class students.