The Minerva Program

Students in Sorum House

Live, learn and lead in your Minerva

Our innovative Minerva House program brings together members of the campus community. All students and faculty belong to one of the seven houses, where the overstuffed couches beckon, and discussions on everything from Euclid to YouTube inspire lively debate.

Many professors teach first-year preceptorials in their Minerva Houses, and some upper-class students live on the residential floors above the common areas. The Minervas host more than 500 events each year, created and run by student house leaders.

Minerva Facts

  • All incoming students are assigned to a Minerva House. You're likely to take your First-Year Preceptorial in your house and to live in the same residence as other members of your Minerva. You'll also get to know the faculty assigned to your house.
  • Each house has its own student-run governing council and a generous budget for academic and social events.
  • The majority of events are open to members of all houses, but students generally are most involved in their assigned houses.
  • The top floors of the houses provide living space for sophomores, juniors and seniors.
  • All houses feature great rooms, seminar rooms and full kitchens for use by house members, plus other amenities.

Popular programs

The Minerva board features all upcoming Minerva events

Current events talks
Curious students want to know and understand what's going on in the world. They regularly reach out to faculty members to discuss the latest developments, from earthquakes to elections. No matter which house is hosting, there's always plenty of food and news to consume.

Dinner with Professors
Faculty are people too. Get to know them in the Green House kitchen, where they regularly cook up their favorite meals with students.

Video: Dinner with professors