Getting started editing and publishing

How to log in

The easiest way to begin editing a page is to navigate directly to the page you want to edit, and log in there, and then begin to edit.

Editing basics

Editing content in the "body section"

Once logged in, make your way to the page you need to update. Once there, click "Page Actions" in the long black border at the top. Click "edit."

How to access edit from the top of the page

Click "edit" at the bottom of the page.

Edit at bottom of the page

Make sure the "Content Sections" tab is selected.

This is a view of the content sections tab

"Body section" is the most common "Content Section." The copy you will need to revise will likely be found here. Clicking the "body section" edit button will give you access to the text you need to edit.

A view of the body section edit button

Once you have finished making your edits, scroll down and click the blue "save" button. If the publish box is not checked the page will not be publically visible. A pink background indicates an "unpublished" page.

Blue publish button

Using the tools (WYSIWYG) menu

For those familiar with Microsoft Word, some of the icons in the toolbar/WYSIWYG menu should be familiar:

This shows the WYSIWYG editing functions

A word of caution: Arbitrary text embellishments do little to make your site more effective. Stick to the keep it simple design principle. Visitors to your website will thank you and it will make your life easier as well.

To make text bold, select the text and click the "B:"

This image shows location of the bold icon

To make text italic, select the text and click the "I:"

Italic text icon

Note: Italic copy can be difficult to read, especially for the visually impaired. Please use this style sparingly.

To create a bulleted (unordered) list:

This shows the unirdered list icon on the toolbar

To align text (justify, left, center, right):

This image shows how to align text in the toolbar

To create a link:

This image shows you how to create a link using the toolbar