Integrated Science and Engineering Center (ISEC)


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A fortunate collision of ideas

In ISEC, students and faculty from many disciplines collaborate, innovate and exchange ideas. Lean into your passion for research and reasoning in well-equipped labs and classrooms devoted to biological sciences, chemistry, physics and astronomy, mechanical engineering, and electrical, computer and biomedical engineering.

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    Do cutting-edge work on the particle accelerator or in our molecular biology suites. Attend a weekly chemistry seminar series. Or chat among yourselves in comfortable lounges and other inviting gathering spaces.

    This complex features the glass-walled Ainlay Hall, home to labs and classrooms for biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and mechanical engineering. Union is known for world class instrumentation and NSF-funded research on par with top research institutions. Specialized tools available for student use include a tandem Pelletron accelerator, located in the Ion-Beam Analysis Lab, as well as a 400 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, micro CT scanner and other sophisticated instrumentation, and a thermal science and fluid mechanics lab

  • Walking Directions from ISEC to Reamer Campus Center

    Continue straight, then turn right before reaching the colonnade. Follow the path between Lippman and Olin, then start to bear left. The side entrance to Reamer Campus Center will be in front of you. Stop there, or walk to the main entrance which faces the Nott Memorial.

In an anatomy classroom, students are gathered around a table, diligently studying with an anatomical model.

Students and faculty working around the particle accelerator in the basement of ISEC.
A student writes chemical equations on a partition glass wall in ISEC as another student looks on.

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