Schaffer Library

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Read. Think. Research.

This is the place to study, read, do research, indulge your curiosity and wander among the multiple rich collections of information that broaden educational experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

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    The light-filled, four-story building houses close to 1 million volumes in print and electronic formats, and more than 100,000 journals, including nearly all of the materials purchased to create the first College library in 1795. The library is also home to the College Archives and to Special Collections, which contains several of the College’s most prized books, manuscripts and other possessions. The skilled staff will help you navigate the complexities of the academic information ecosystem through an array of resources, technology, and unique historic and cultural collected works.

    Take a seat in the Learning Commons, a student-focused area supporting independent and collaborative research.

    Find your favorite study carrel, reading nook or research workstation, or a work table with a bird’s-eye view of the Nott Memorial. Reserve the Bloomberg Terminal for real-time financial data analysis, trading and news. Or hone your skills at the Writing Center, where student peers with a love and command of the written word provide one-on-one assistance at any stage of the writing process.

    Factoid: Among the many treasures to be found in Special Collections are an "Elephant Folio" edition of Audubon's Birds of America, which the College purchased directly from the artist; the original Ramée drawings for the campus plan; the Trianon editions of William Blake's works; and the original College charter.

A view of the first floor  library common area looking down from the second floor
A student studying by the bookstacks in Schaffer Library
Student group study session in the library common area.
Schaffer Library at night
Schaffer Library students enjoying quiet time in the reading room