Academic Affairs

Planning and Priorities (P&P) Group

Information provided below serves as a summary only. Definitive wording can be found in the Faculty Manual.


  • Review and recommend to the President policies concerning long-range planning, the establishment of College priorities, and the preparation of annual budgets

  • Evaluate the extent to which the annual budget of the College responds to established College priorities



  • President of the College (serves as Chair)

  • Vice Presidents of the College

  • Chief Diversity Officer

  • Four division Chairs of the Faculty

  • Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee

  • Secretary of the Faculty

  • Two faculty trustees
  • Three students (full-time, day-time, undergraduates appointed by the Student Committee on Committees)
  • Two staff members (appointed by the Chief Human Resources Officer for 3-year terms with the possibility of reappointment)

  • Resource people deemed helpful to the discussions of the Planning and Priorities Group