Accommodative Services

Term Accommodations Request (Returning Students)

Returning students who are already registered with Accommodative Services should request their accommodations at the beginning of each new term no later than the first week of classes. To request accommodations each term, returning students must log in to Accommodative Services' online portal, AIM (Accessible Information Management).

Login directions, as well as a brief video tutorial, are below. Be sure to meet with your professors during their office hours to discuss how the accommodations will be handled.

AIM - Returning Students - Request Term Accommodations

How to Log In and Request Your Term Accommodations (brief video)

How To Request Your Term Accommodations

  1. Click on the orange "AIM - Returning Students - Request Term Accommodations" button. Use your Union College credentials to log in to the system.
  2. Notice the AIM student dashboard. Under important messages, you will see “Your To Do List.”
  3. At the start of the term, you will see a message of “No Accommodation Requests Found,” which means it’s time to request your accommodations. You might also need to electronically sign some E-Forms. Follow the instructions to sign the forms before you make your requests.
  4. Once you’ve signed the required E-Forms, scroll down your dashboard page to the “Select Accommodations for Your Class” section.
  5. Your classes for the upcoming term are listed. You have the ability to pick and choose the classes in which you want to use your accommodations. Under Step 1, check the box next to each class for which you want to request accommodations. Then click the gray box that says Step 2.
  6. Next, check off the accommodations that you want to use for each class.
  7. Finally, hit the SUBMIT YOUR ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS button.

**If you add a class to your schedule after you have already requested your term accommodations, you will need to log back in to AIM to submit a new request for the new class. (Note that the new class may take up to 48 hours to appear in AIM.)