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Hours of Operation: Mon. - Fri. 8:30 am - 4 pm

Image shows Accommodative Services' Testing Center with multiple carrels and tables for taking exams.

Accommodative Services' Testing Center is committed to assisting students and faculty by providing a distraction limited testing space and overall optimal testing environment for eligible students.

The Testing Center provides exam administration services to students with approved testing accommodations. Specifically, the Testing Center offers a distraction limited environment (DLE) and extended time (typically 1.5x, and occasionally 2x, regular exam length) for written exams for students with testing accommodations.

White noise machines and noise-canceling headphones are available. Seating includes carrels and tables. Seats are available on a first reserved, first served basis.

Faculty are encouraged to provide approved testing accommodations within their departments when possible because doing so often allows for easier access to faculty during exams should a student have questions; however, the Testing Center is available as an alternative resource for eligible students.

Other testing services provided to eligible students:

  • Laptops (Internet disabled) for essay exams administered in the Testing Center
  • Exam scribing services

Faculty should schedule exams by clicking on

Testing Center Exam Scheduling Form (faculty use)

For inquiries, please email

Testing Center Quick Links

  • Testing Center Responsibilities

    The Testing Center will:

    • work with eligible students and faculty to schedule exams
    • send confirmation of the scheduled exam date, time, location, and duration to students and faculty via email
    • monitor exam administration
    • maintain test security -- all exams will be locked in a safe location until administration
    • ensure that Testing Center exam policies and procedures, as well as faculty exam instructions, are followed
    • email faculty when a student has completed an exam
    • return completed exams to faculty in accordance with faculty instructions
    • Testing Center staff will NOT rephrase, explain or interpret exam directions or exam questions
  • Students - How to Schedule an Exam in the Testing Center

    STUDENTS - How to Schedule an Exam in the Testing Center

    • The Testing Center provides a distraction limited testing environment to students with approved testing accommodations.
    • At the beginning of the term, you should speak privately with your professor to discuss your approved accommodations, including your alternative testing arrangements. Remind your professor if you receive extended time for exams.
    • Each time you wish to schedule a test in the Testing Center, you must talk to your professor to find out whether you or your professor will contact the Testing Center Coordinator to schedule the exam. Some professors will schedule the exam for you after your discussion. Others will direct you to contact the Testing Center to start the scheduling process.
    • The Testing Center operates by appointment only. Walk-ins are not permitted. All Testing Center requests must be made at least two (2) business days in advance of the time you wish to take your exam in the Testing Center. (Saturday and Sunday are NOT business days.)
    • If you email the Testing Center to start the exam scheduling process, you will need to provide the following information:
      • the name of the class and professor, and the date and time you would like to schedule the exam. (If you wish to schedule your exam at a day/time different from the rest of the class, you must first get explicit permission from your professor to take the exam at the different day/time.)
    • All information that you provide will be confirmed with your professor by the Testing Center via a scheduling form (for faculty).
    • If there is space available in the Testing Center, you will receive a confirmation email from the Testing Center once your request has been approved, via the scheduling form, by your professor.
    • Things to Consider:
      • Students should ask their professors for a list of exam dates if not already provided in the syllabus.
      • It is possible that you might not have access to your professor if you take your exam in the Testing Center.
      • Students are responsible for reminding their professors of the testing accommodation arrangement prior to each exam.
      • If you need to cancel or reschedule an exam scheduled in the Testing Center, you must first ask your professor, and then notify the Testing Center. The Testing Center cannot give you permission to cancel or reschedule.
      • If you do not schedule your exams in a timely manner, it is unlikely that space in the Testing Center will be available.

    The Testing Center is located in Schaffer Library, Room 222. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4 pm. Email for inquiries.

  • FAQ for Students
  • Testing Center Exam Administration Agreement (for students)
  • Testing Center Exam Day Procedures

    Testing Center Exam Day Procedures

    • All students using the Testing Center are bound by the Union College Honor Code.
    • Upon arriving at the Testing Center to take an exam, students will sign the Testing Center Exam Administration Agreement if they have not already done so that academic year.
    • Students must place their belongings away from their seats. They will not have access to their belongings during the exam.
    • Cellphones and smartwatches must be removed and silenced. Students will not have access to their cellphones during their exams.
    • Calculators, books and notebooks cannot be utilized without the express permission of the course professor.
    • Eating is NOT allowed during an exam except as required by an approved accommodation.
    • Testing Center staff will NOT rephrase, explain or interpret test questions.
    • If a student has questions regarding the exam, Testing Center staff will attempt to reach the faculty member by telephone on behalf of the student and then put the student on the phone. Testing Center staff will monitor the call. Time spent reaching out and speaking with a faculty member will NOT result in adjustment of the predetermined end time of the exam, unless expressly communicated to the Testing Center staff by the faculty member.
    • If wanted, students will get a courtesy reminder when 10 minutes are remaining.
    • Students must be on time for their exams. A student who is late to an exam will have that amount of time subtracted from the total time allowed for the exam.
    • A student who is more than 20 minutes late will be regarded as a “no-show” and will need to consult with his or her professor regarding the possibility of a makeup.
    • Breaks
      • Students should use the restroom before an exam begins, if necessary. They will be reminded that restroom breaks are not permitted except as required by an approved accommodation or in case of emergency.
      • The time allowed for an exam does not stop running for students who choose to take breaks (not as part of an approved accommodation, but as a matter of personal choice) during an exam.
      • Students with scheduled breaks as an accommodation will receive “stop the clock” breaks so that their exam time is not impacted by a scheduled break. Students may not leave the Testing Center during their breaks unless otherwise arranged.
      • Students will not have access to their belongings during breaks.
  • Testing Center FAQ for Faculty
  • Testing Center Scheduling Form (for Faculty)
  • Testing Center Policies and Procedures