Adirondack Research Library

Policies at the ARL

Reading Room Guidelines:

  • Archival collections are brought to the researcher one box at a time.

    • To expedite this process, it is highly suggested that researchers request segments of archival collections at least one day in advance of their scheduled visit.

  • No bags or purses (including computer and camera bags) are permitted.

  • No coats are permitted.

  • Absolutely no food or drink are permitted. A small table for beverages is just outside the door to the library.

  • All researchers must wash and thoroughly dry their hands before accessing archival material.

  • All notes must be taken in pencil. No pens are permitted in the research area.

  • Absolutely no writing on top of archival material.

  • Researchers must wear cotton gloves while working with non-mylared AV collections.

  • All archival material must be handled delicately, absolutely no bending or folding allowed.

  • The order of all material must be maintained.

  • All scans and photocopies must be made by library personnel and are free of charge.

  • All researchers must be supervised by library personnel at all times.

  • All items researchers bring into the reading room (cameras, notebooks, etc.) are subject to search on their departure.

  • By signing the Reading Room Log upon arrival, researchers are agreeing to the ARL Reading Room Guidelines.