Adirondack Research Library

Exhibits at the ARL

The Summits of Forests:
The Photography of Kay Flickinger Dockstader and Books of Grace Hudowalski

The ARL's Kay Flickinger Dockstader Collection includes over 700 photographs of hiking and skiing trips in the Adirondacks and throughout New York State. This exhibit featured prints from her Adirondack adventures in the 1930s, '40s and '50s.

Defending a Changing Landscape:
A History of Forest Rangers in New York State

In many ways, Forest Ranger history mirrors the history of conservation in New York State. This exhibit, created by Anna Gagion (’19), examined how the role of Forest Rangers in the Adirondack Park has evolved during the last century.

The Winter Photography of John S. Apperson Photography

The people and policy of New York State were just beginning to define what an Adirondack Park would look like in the early 20th century. This exhibit of John S. Apperson's winter photography highlighted his vision of the recreational potential the north's woods and waters offered year round.

Parts But Little Known: Maps of the Adirondacks from 1556

The maps in this exhibit graphically showed the increase in knowledge about the region and what was important to European military strategists, entrepreneurs, and tourists over the last 450 years.