Biology Department
Ayon Ibrahim

Ayon Ibrahim '13

Job Title
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Integrated Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC) 321

Areas of expertise

Metabolism, lipid biology, cell & molecular biology

Research interests

In modern society, excessive consumption of food rich in lipids (in particular, saturated fat) has led to an epidemic of obesity and related metabolic disorders, beginning with dysfunction at the cellular level. What's often underappreciated is that, in order to access the underlying tissue, bloodborne fat must first traverse the endothelial cell barrier that comprise the capillary walls. With my research, I am working to better define the mechanisms regulating this transendothelial lipid transport and cellular lipotoxicity.

Teaching interests

Courses: Advanced Cell Biology (BIO 358), Cellular Foundations of Life (BIO 104)


Ibrahim, A.*, Neinast, M.D.*, Li, K.*, Noji, M., Borstein, M.R., Mohammed, R., Wellen, K.E., Arany, Z. (2022). Insulin-stimulated adipocytes secrete lactate to promote endothelial fatty acid uptake and transport. Journal of Cell Science, 135(5).

Ibrahim, A., Yucel, N., Kim, B. & Arany, Z. (2020). Local mitochondrial ATP production regulates endothelial fatty acid uptake and transport. Cell Metabolism, 32, 309-319.e7.

Ibrahim, A. & Arany, Z. (2017). Does endothelium buffer fat? Circulation Research, 120, 1219-1221.

Ibrahim, A., Neinast, M., & Arany, Z. (2017). Myobolites: muscle-derived metabolites with paracrine and systemic effects. Current Opinion in Pharmacology, 34, 15-20.

Academic credentials

B.S. Union College, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania