Chemistry Department

Chemistry Alumni Advisory Committee

The Chemistry Alumni Advisory Committee (CAAC) is a volunteer organization formed to give assistance to the Union College Chemistry Department. Members are Chemistry and Biochemistry Alumni who volunteer their time and expertise, members of the Chemistry Department, and members of the Administration. CAAC members assist the department by working in one or more of three major areas; 1 – providing support and advice for the Department, 2 – recruiting majors, and 3 – providing a mentoring/support network for Union Chemistry and Biochemistry majors.

Chemistry Alumni members of CAAC act as consultants to the Chemistry Department, providing a view of the chemistry world from “afar”. These members provide a sounding board for the Chemistry Department Faculty and Union Administration, bringing their experience and knowledge from the world outside of Union College to the Department. Members reflect and comment on Department philosophies, plans, and actions, helping build a stronger department whose students are well prepared to compete and thrive in their careers. Twice per year members attend the CAAC meeting, (in person or by conference call), where they learn of department plans and actions, and have an opportunity to advise and reflect with other members of the committee. CAAC members are also available by phone or email between meetings, as needed by the Department, for consultation.

A strong Chemistry Department requires a good pool of strong Chemistry and Biochemistry majors entering Union College. CAAC members assist the Department by actively working in their geographic areas to identify and recruit potential majors. These members coordinate with Union College Admissions and the Chemistry Department in local high schools, developing relationships with local guidance counselors and chemistry teachers. Members provide an update to the CAAC at the twice-yearly meetings.

CAAC members mentor Union College Chemistry and Biochemistry majors, interacting with students in person, by phone, and through email. CAAC members provide an opportunity for Chemistry students to interact with chemistry professionals, acting as a sounding board for students who need to make research and career decisions. When possible, CAAC members assist students with job searches and pursuit of graduate school options. The CAAC provides a forum for Alumni – student interaction at the twice-yearly meetings and other Alumni events.