Community Standards

Rights of Students and Student Organizations

Union College respects the dignity and rights of each of its students. In all Board hearings, students and student organization officers or representatives are asked to review their rights and are given the opportunity to ask questions.

  • The right to be advised of the information against them, including the nature of the alleged violations, the documentation of those violations, and the names of adverse witnesses and the information they provided.
  • The right to present one’s case and to rebut unfavorable inferences that might be drawn, including the right to question witnesses and the Complainant.
  • The right to remain anonymous, as individuals providing information in the case of student organizations, provided the College and the investigators know their identities. Investigators may serve as witnesses.
  • The right to present the information of any qualified and competent witness who has direct, personal knowledge of the incident or conduct in question.
  • The right to have an Advisor who is a member of the College community, unless otherwise provided for and/or required by federal or state laws.
  • The right to be absent from a hearing without excuse with the understanding that the case will be heard without the student present and a decision rendered based upon the evidence or information available.
  • The right to be presumed not responsible until the matter is adjudicated and a decision is reached.
  • The right to submit an impact statement to the hearing Board and/or the Director of Community Standards to be considered in determining final sanctions.
  • The right to delay a hearing for up to five (5) days if a legitimate excuse has been established in the opinion of the Dean of Students or designee.
  • The right to be advised of the result of the hearing and the rationale for the decision within ten (10) days.

Students with Accommodation Needs

If a student needs a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in any aspect of the judicial process, then the student must submit a request through Accommodative Services (518) 388-8785.