Eppler-Wolff Counseling Center

Services the Counseling Center Does Not Provide

The Counseling Center strives to provide as many clinical services to our students as possible. However, some services taking up tremendous personnel resources, presenting a conflict of interest, ethical constraints/beyond the scope of our mission, or require specialization, there are some we do not provide, including:

  • Services are available only to currently enrolled students. We do not serve:
    • Incoming first year students prior to arrival on campus for academic purposes,
    • Seniors who have graduated,
    • Alumnae/i,
    • Students returning from time away prior to the beginning of the academic term;
  • Clinical services to staff or faculty (we will provide consultation regarding student matters or referrals for personal matters)
  • Long-term counseling;
  • Specialty care (EMDR, psychoanalysis, body work, etc.);
  • Intensive substance abuse treatment;
  • Intensive outpatient treatment;
  • Testing for learning disabilities and/or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD);
  • Assessment and documentation for service or emotional support animals;
  • Forensic evaluations;
  • Neuropsychological evaluations;
  • Court ordered treatment or treatment that is the stipulation of probation;
  • Evaluations for attorneys or courts related to difficulties such as alcohol infractions (e.g., driving under the influence) or other domestic matters such as parents seeking custodial authority of a student;
  • Services to students who are not medically stable or require intensive medical treatment.

Although we do not provide these services, we will work with students to help them access these resources off-campus. If you would like assistance in accessing these resources off campus, please contact the Counseling Center at (518) 388-6161.