Eppler-Wolff Counseling Center

Local Recovery Groups

UAlbany’s Fall 2022 Collegiate Recovery Meeting Schedule

All students are welcome to attend these free and open meetings. Our meetings are safe and supportive for individuals who are interested in recovery, those who want to better understand their relationship with substances or other activities, and those who are concerned about a loved one’s substance use or other areas of mental health. There is no need to identify as someone “in recovery” to attend. Meetings are designed to meet people where they are at – commitment to sobriety is not required.

SMART Recovery Meeting
Learn coping skills
Tuesdays 7 - 8 pm, Catskill, 160

All-Recovery Meeting
Open forum
Wednesdays 6 - 7 pm, Catskill, 160

Friends & Family SMART Recovery
Learn coping skills if you have a loved one you're concerned about
Thursdays 6 - 7 pm, Humanities, 039

Refuge Recovery
Practice mindfulness
Sundays 6-7 pm via Zoom
Meeting ID: 984 0050 6473
Passcode: RR2022