Dean of Students

Class Deans

At Union, the Class Deans steer students to resources in all areas of student and academic life. The Dean of First-Year Students provides guidance as students navigate the transition into college. Then, after the first year, each class is assigned a Class Dean who will stay with them through the remaining three years of their academic program.

These Deans support students in all aspects of their academic and student life experience at Union. They serve as the first point of contact for faculty with concerns about a student in their class in addition to working closely with families who have concerns about their students.

Class Deans are available to discuss the following with students:

  • Getting connected to campus resources
  • Academic Difficulty
  • Extended absences/leaves
  • Graduation progress
  • Making social & co-curricular connections

Class Deans encourage all students to be proactive and to make an appointment to introduce themselves before they need help or support.

Photo of Kate Schurick

Kate Schurick, Dean of First-Year Students, (518)388-8060, Reamer 303
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Photo of Robin Olinsky

Robin Olinsky, Class Dean 2026; (518) 388-8060, Reamer 303
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Eun-sil Lee

Eun-sil Lee, Class Dean 2025, (518) 388-8060, Reamer 303
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Photo of Isabel Norman

Isabel Norman, Class Dean 2024; (518) 388-8060; Reamer 303
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Administrative Assistant for Class Deans:

Photo of Sarah Greklek

Sarah Greklek,, (518) 388-8720, Reamer 303

How to submit an early alert or commendation

Leave and return policy

Class Deans oversee the voluntary student leaves/withdrawals/return process at Union College.

Policy explained on this page