Accommodative Services

Register with Accommodative Services (New Students)

Students with a documented disability must register through our office to determine eligibility and what services, if any, are necessary for accommodation. Services are arranged on an individualized basis, so early planning is strongly encouraged.

  1. Prior to the term, students with a learning, physical or psychological disability should register online at ACCOMMODATE.
  2. Prior to the term, supporting documentation should be uploaded to the ACCOMMODATE system.

The Student Handbook outlines specific documentation requirements for the following disabilities: learning / Attention Deficit Disorder, psychiatric, physical and temporary.

In general, documentation must:

  • Measure student aptitude, achievement, and information processing
  • Have been conducted by an appropriate professional
  • Be current (often defined as no more than three years old)
  • Include recommendations for accommodations to facilitate learning

If your documentation is approved, you will receive an email indicating you are eligible for services. Once authorized:

  1. If this is your first year, the Director will contact you to discuss accommodations and your responsibilities for each term. You will request services at this meeting.
  2. During the first two weeks of the term, meet with your professor to coordinate accommodations.
  3. You will need to request accommodations and any changes to your accommodations with the Director during the first two weeks of each term.

5 Steps to College Accommodations: A Guide for Students with Learning Differences

Once registered, enrolled students must login to ACCOMMODATE to request accommodations each term.

  • Recommended that you do this no later than the first week of classes.
  • Meet with your professors during their office hours to coordinate how the accommodations will be handled.