Accommodative Services

Testing Center

Photo of Union College Testing Center, Old Chapel, Room 312

Accommodative Services' Testing Center is committed to assisting students and faculty by providing a distraction limited testing space and overall optimal testing environment for eligible students.

The Testing Center provides exam administration services to students with approved testing accommodations. Specifically, the Testing Center offers a distraction limited environment (DLE) and extended time (typically 1.5x, and occasionally 2x, regular exam length) for written exams for students with testing accommodations.

White noise machines and noise canceling headphones are available. Seating includes carrels and tables. Seats are available on a first reserved, first served basis.

Faculty are encouraged to provide approved testing accommodations within their departments when possible because doing so often allows for easier access to faculty during exams should a student have questions; however, the Testing Center is available as an alternative resource for eligible students.

Other testing services provided to eligible students:

  • Laptops (Internet disabled) for essay exams administered in the Testing Center
  • Exam scribing services

To start the scheduling process, students or faculty can email, or faculty may schedule exams by clicking on Testing Center Exam Scheduling Form (faculty use)

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