New Student Academic Planning Guide

First-Year Preregistration

Union College offers an incredible variety of academic opportunities. We encourage you to take full advantage of our curriculum to construct a balanced and dynamic program of study. Explore a variety of disciplines to build on the interests you have already developed and discover new areas of study that will inspire you. Again, this Advising and Course Planning Guide will help assist you in this process.

First-Year Preregistration is your chance to tell us about yourself — your general areas of interest and, if you know, what specific plans you have for a major and course of study while at Union. The process will also facilitate your course registration for your first term on campus.

What You Need to Do...

All incoming first-year students will be asked to complete an Advising and Registration Form, which is available in the Applicant Portal. The Advising and Registration Form allows you to share information about your major interests, course preferences, language study, and other academic interests.

Please keep in mind that you have until May 24 to complete this form. You may change your responses at any point until the deadline. You can find more detailed descriptions of first-year course offerings on Union's Course Catalog. Please search "Fall Term 2024" for a full list of offerings.

Things to Keep in Mind as You Complete Your Advising and Registration Form...

Based on your answers to the Advising and Registration form, we will register you into three courses for the Fall Term, which is a full course load for incoming students. We will consider your major interests, your First-Year Inquiry course preferences, and the availability of courses throughout the academic year.

Why We Help with Registration...

We help you register for fall term courses because we believe it is important. We want to make sure that you are able to enroll in courses that support your academic goals and help you to make progress on your degree requirements.

Please check your Union College email periodically since we will be communicating with you now and throughout the summer.