New Student Academic Planning Guide


Many incoming first year students have questions about AP Credits, Placement Exams, whom to contact, etc. We want to make sure you have the information you need. If you have questions, please take a look at the following list.

If you still have questions after checking out the FAQs, please contact the Dean of Studies Office at

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Credits: How many AP Credits can I transfer in to Union? Whom do I contact about AP Credits?

    At most, 6 AP credits can be accepted as course credits at Union College. AP credits cannot be used to fulfill the Complex Questions: Global Challenges and Social Justice curriculum. More detailed information on pre-matriculation credits is available here.

    A comprehensive list of AP examinations and credits is here.

    If you have additional questions about AP credits, or if you have questions about IB credit, please direct them to the registrar's office (

  • Placement Exams: What exams do I need to take?

    Details on placement exams can be found here.

  • Registration and Pre-registration Survey: When will I register for my classes? What is the Preregistration Survey? How do I find it?

    All incoming first-year students will be asked to complete an Advising and Registration form. This form includes sections for language study, areas of interest, and course preferences­­ as well as a few other questions, including your housing preference.

    Transfer student registration information can be found here.

    The Advising and Registration form will be available in the Applicant Portal.

    Please keep in mind that you have until May 24, 2024 to complete the survey. You may change your responses at any point until the deadline.

    The completed Advising and Registration form will be our roadmap for assigning you to your First Year Inquiry, your academic advisor, and your Minerva House. We will also refer to your form responses when we determine what courses to assign you to for your first term on campus. We use your form responses in place of the usual course registration process only once during your time at Union, as you prepare to attend Union College for the first time.

    We'll communicate your course schedule in August. Once you have this information, you will have an opportunity to request changes to your schedule after you arrive for Orientation, but before classes begin.

  • Transfer Credits: I took a college course in High School. Will I receive credit from Union?

    Union College will consider granting credit for a course taken while a student is enrolled in high school if:

    1.) the course is taken on the campus of the college or university offering the course;

    2.) the course is available for enrollment by the students of that college or university;

    3.) the final grade is a C or better.

    Union College does not grant credit for online courses. At most, 6 pre-matriculation credits can be accepted as course credits at Union College (keep in mind, this includes college courses taken in High School and AP credits).