Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Program


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On Campus Resources

Valerie J. Hoffman ('74) Suite

The Hoffman Women’s Suite is adjacent to the Gender, Sexuality, & Women Studies office, Reamer Campus Center, Room 302. It includes a meeting and study room and a lounge area. The Suite is the regular meeting place of the Women’s Union, the Women’s Commission, and the GSWS Advisory Board. Other groups and individuals are also encouraged to use the area and its resources.

Safe Space

Safe Space is a student-run group dedicated to raising awareness about sexual assault through education on Union’s campus and other campuses nationwide. Safe space organizes events that reflect its goals as a group such as Take Back the Night and Walk a Mile in her Shoes. Both events draw attention to the silence that survivors face in the aftermath of an assault and provide a means for survivors to once again find their voice.

Women’s Union

Women’s Union is a student support and action group that encourages campus-wide discussion of issues of importance to women and to achieving gender equality. It organizes activities on campus, which in recent years, have included performances of The Vagina Monologues, speakers, films, workshops, fundraisers for local and international non-profit organizations, and forms of entertainment that address these issues. Meetings are held regularly at the GSWS Suite (RCC 301).

Union Pride (formerly Student Allies for Equality)

Union’s Bi, Gay, Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, works to educate the Union community on LGBTQ+ issues as well as create a supportive network for members and ally’s of the LGBTQ+ community. We bring various music venues, poets, and speakers to school as well as sponsor movies open to the campus concerning LGBTQ+ issues.

Sexual Assault Resource Hotline (STRICTLY confidential)
(518) 388-6600 Ext. 1

Counseling Center (STRICTLY confidential)
(518) 388-6161

Wicker Wellness Center Health Services (STRICTLY confidential)
(518) 388-6120

Campus Safety (to file a formal complaint) (MOSTLY confidential)
(518) 388-6911

Title IX Coordinator (MOSTLY confidential)
(518) 388-6865

Dean of Students (MOSTLY confidential)
(518) 388-6116

STRICTLY Confidential: Conversations are all confidential and can be anonymous. Except in rare, extreme circumstances, nothing will be shared without Complainant’s explicit permission.

MOSTLY Confidential: Conversations are kept as confidential as possible, but limited information about incidents of sexual misconduct must be shared with relevant administrators and a Title IX Coordinator so that the College can take action if necessary for reasons of safety. In planning any response, the wishes of the person are given full consideration.

According to NYS Law Confidential: Exploratory conversations are confidential. Police reports, with identifying information redacted, may be available to the public upon request.