Geosciences Department

Geology Equipment

  • PerkinElmer Elan 6100 DRC ICP-MS instrument. For chemical analysis of aqueous solutions such as dissolved rocks or natural waters. Includes an optionally cooled spray chamber, autosampler, and the Dynamic Reaction Cell device for reducing interference from argon-bearing and other polyatomic interferences.
  • Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer Lab
  • Sample preparation labs: slab saw, trim saw, thin section machines, diamond polishing laps, Frantz magnetic separator, Rogers table, steel jaw crusher, steel disk mill, shatterbox with tungsten carbide and aluminum oxide vessels, Rocklabs hydraulic crusher/splitter, Picotrace digestion system.
  • Heavy liquid mineral separation setup.
  • Laminar flow clean benches (one for sample separation, one for the ICP-MS).
  • Student polarizing microscopes (12), Olympus transmitted and reflected light research microscopes (3), Olympus stereo zoom microscopes (2), student stereo microscopes (many), several microscope camera systems, index oils, refractometer, Cathodoluminescence stage.
  • Swift electromechanical point count stage.
  • Philips X-ray powder diffractometer with cobalt tube.
  • Coulter laser diffraction particle size analyzer.
  • Organic/inorganic carbon analyzer.
  • Numerous computers connected to the Union College network and various printers.
  • General laboratory space including 7 fume hoods, electronic balances, 18 Mohm deionized water, autopipettes, drying ovens, high-temperature furnaces, crucibles, liquid and solid standard reference materials of various types, and other laboratory equipment.
  • Conductivity meters, pH meters, dissolved oxygen meters, and related equipment for field water chemistry analyses.
  • Soft sediment core analysis lab and coring equipment.
  • Fission track analysis lab and related equipment.
  • Field equipment including Brunton compasses, altimeters, hand-held and base station GPS systems, ground resistivity, shallow 12-channel seismometer, RF ground inductance, gravimeter, total field magnetometer.
  • Ion chromatograph for anion, cation, and dissolved silica analyses.
  • Sub-bottom and side-scan sonar.
  • In addition the
  • Geology Department is a major user of the interdisciplinary scanning electron microscope facility.

Facilities and Equipment