Geosciences Department
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Elizabeth Olson

Job Title
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow - Tropical Paleoclimatology
F.W. Olin 318

Areas of expertise

Stable isotopes, paleoclimate, aerosols, hydrology, dendrochronology, speleothems

Research interests

My research focuses on investigating critical zone processes of environmental change through geochemistry. This includes understanding spatial and temporal variability recorded in various atmospheric, biologic and hydrologic materials using modeling and isotopic tracers. All aspects of my research focus on determining environmental and/or climatic change impacts over time.



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Michalski, G., Olson, E., Valdivia, A. L., Reyes, J. L., Li, J., Fang, H., and Welp, L. 2022, Identifying NOx sources in Arequipa, Peru using nitrogen isotopes in particulate nitrate. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 864.

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Olson, E.J., Michalski, G., Welp, L., Larrea, A.V., Reyes, J., and Li, J. 2021, Mineral dust and fossil fuel combustion dominate sources of aerosol sulfate in urban Peru identified by sulfur stable isotopes and water-soluble ions; Atmospheric Environment, 260, 118482

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2013 deFrance, S. and Olson, E., 2013, Late Prehispanic Coquina Quarrying and Tomb Construction in Coastal Southern Peru; Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology, 8(1), 3-16.

Academic credentials

B.A., Geology and Anthropology,University of Florida; M.S., Quaternary and Climate Studies, University of Maine; Ph.D., Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Northern Illinois University