Geosciences Department

Research Opportunities

We do considerable research here at Union College. All Geology faculty are active researchers and involve students in their research programs. Information on these can be found on department faculty web pages, student thesis titles (bookshelves in Olin 310), published papers with student coauthors (faculty vitae). Talk to individual faculty members about research opportunities available at the present time. There are summer scholarships available from Union College to help students do intensive summer research work as well.

Also, we are a member of the Keck Geology Consortium, which offers additional research opportunities every summer.

There are a huge number of internship and other opportunities outside of Union College. Announcements of these are posted in Olin 322. These opportunities include summer research, travel grants, internships, post-graduate jobs, and other things available for geoscience and environmental studies majors. The opportunities available these days are outstanding!