International Advising

Incoming Students

Whether you’re an international student enrolled in an exchange program or admitted to Union's full-time undergraduate program, there are many preparations to make before you arrive on campus.

Although your other responsibilities closely align with those of the U.S. students, please take note:

International orientation

All incoming international and exchange students must attend the mandatory International orientation that takes place a few days before the general First Year Orientation. All first year students including international students will participate in First Year Orientation.

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the International Student Orientation will be held on September 1 - September 2, 2023. You must arrive on campus on either Wednesday, August 30 or Thursday, August 31.

International Orientation 2021 Schedule (example)

First Year Important Dates and Deadlines

Health requirements

Be sure to visit the Wicker Wellness Center to review and complete all of your health form requirements.


Union's central mailroom is located in the Reamer Campus Center, first floor. The mailroom will supply your mailbox number and access codes. Your mailbox can be used for first-class mail and packages.