Leadership in Medicine

Policy & Promotion

Policy, Promotion and Student Status

Academic progress is monitored by the LIM Policy and Promotion Committee (P & P Committee). The Committee is comprised of faculty from Albany Medical College, Clarkson University and Union College. The P & P Committee meets twice a year to review student progress; June and December.

Beginning with the class of 2026, first-year students are reviewed for achievement of the GPA standard and program standing at the end of the first year, not after the first trimester. Beginning with sophomore year, students are reviewed on a semi-annual basis.

Review of student progress: Student progress is reviewed at the P & P meetings. The Committee looks at term-by-term grades, overall cumulative GPA and math/science cumulative GPA. They look closely at transcripts to ensure students are challenging themselves by taking the most advanced science courses. They also review student portfolios by looking at the quantity and quality of experiences reported in the “Sophomore Portfolio” (June meeting) and Senior Portfolios (AMCAS) at the December meeting.

Student Status: Students are notified in writing of their status in the LIM program following each P & P meeting. Most students are in “Good Standing” after each meeting. Occasionally a student will be in “Probation Status” for not meeting GPA requirements or falling far below expectations for clinical/research/tutoring/volunteer experiences. A student who falls below the GPA requirement may be placed on probation or dismissed if there is no realistic route to achieving the GPA standard by the next P & P meeting. In this situation, the student may be dismissed from the LIM Program without first being put on Probationary Status.

  • Students may not receive a grade of “C” in two graduate courses and would likely be dismissed if this occurred in undergraduate courses as well. A grade of “D” or “F” in any course leads to dismissal from the program (not from the college).
  • Grades of “I” (Incomplete) or “W” (withdrawal) will not be acceptable without justification involving illness or extenuating circumstances and prior approval by the Dean of Studies.
  • There is no appeals process for students dismissed from the program for failure to meet the published GPA standards. In the event that a change in standing to “probation” or “dismissed” occurs due to clerical error in the calculation of GPA, the student should request a reconsideration of the dismissal based on erroneous grade information.
  • Should a student be dismissed, they have access to Union’s Health Professions Office for guidance through the traditional medical school process. Contact Professor Carol Weisse, Director of Health Professions Office at (518) 388-6300.

See Leadership in Medicine Policy And Promotions Guidelines for additional information.