Mathematics Department
Christina W. Tønnesen-Friedman, professor of mathematics

Christina Tønnesen-Friedman

Job Title
Marie Louise Bailey Professor of Mathematics
Bailey Hall 107-C

Research interests

The overarching motivation in my research is the classification and explicit construction of Riemannian metrics with properties that generalize the Einstein property. For the first many years of my career I studied this in the realm of Kähler Geometry. I mostly focused on extremal Kähler metrics but I also considered constant scalar curvature metrics, (generalized) Ricci solitons, weakly Bochner-flat metrics, and other Kähler metrics with special geometric properties.

In the last few years I have expanded this interest to include the odd-dimensional sibling of Kähler geometry, namely Sasakian Geometry.

Additional media

Academic credentials

Cand.Scient., Odense University, Denmark; Ph.D., Odense University, Denmark