Mathematics Department
Junqing Qian headshot

Junqing Qian

Job Title
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Bailey Hall 108D

Research interests

My research interest is at the intersection of number theory and differential geometry. More precisely, I am primarily interested in capturing algebraic information to help with problems in geometry and geometric analysis. For example, I discovered a connection between the Kähler–Einstein metric on punctured spheres, a subject in differential geometry, and modular functions, a subject in number theory; this connection overcame the obstacle from other methods and settled the metric problem, a problem in geometry. World-leading mathematicians projected the existence and importance of further connections between the two different fields. Some discovered ones have been applied in physics, such as string theory. Naturally, I am also interested in topics in both fields. On the algebraic side, I am interested in studying and developing the theories of arithmetic differential equations and geometry; on the analytic side, I am interested in Calabi flow on toric manifolds and exploring mathematical physics.

Academic credentials

B.S., University of Science and Technology of China; M.S., University of Connecticut; Ph.D., University of Connecticut