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Smith Secures NYS DEC Grant for Microplastics Research

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Dr. Jacqueline Smith, research professor of geology, received one of six grants from the Mohawk River Basin Program’s 4th round of funding. The program aims to “improve water quality, promote resiliency, and create recreational opportunities for watershed communities.”

Funded by the state’s Environment Protection Fund through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the grant enables Dr. Smith to continue her research on microplastic pollution in the Mohawk River. The findings of her 3rd round grant demonstrated that microplastic pollution is pervasive in the Mohawk and now Dr. Smith will focus on clarifying the role of tributaries in delivering microplastics to the Mohawk River. Dr. Smith will collect samples of river water from tributaries along the length of the Mohawk River and quantify the microplastic load from each tributary.