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Jacqueline A. Smith

Job Title
Adjunct and Research Professor of Geosciences
F.W. Olin Center 317

Areas of expertise

Environmental geoscience, geomorphology, glacial geology, paleoclimatology

Research interests

My primary research interests lie in the fields of environmental geoscience, geomorphology, glacial geology, and paleoclimatology. I am currently investigating 1) microplastic pollution in New York State watersheds; 2) the timing and extent of landsliding, glaciation, and fluvial terrace development in the southern San Juan Mountains, Colorado; and 3) the long-term record of glaciation, climate change, and faulting in the Peruvian Andes.

Field Areas: New York State Watersheds, San Juan Mountains – Colorado, Peruvian Andes – Peru


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Smith, J.A., Hodge, J.L., Kurtz, B.H., and Garver, J.I., (2018). Microplastic pollution in the main channel of the Mohawk River: final results of the 2016 sampling program, in Cockburn, J.M.H. and Garver, J.I., Proceedings of the 2018 Mohawk Watershed Symposium, Union College, Schenectady, NY, 23 March 2018, v. 10, 77 p., p. 69-73

Smith, J.A., Caruso, E., and Wright, N., (2018). Microplastic pollution in tributaries of the Mohawk River, New York State (abstract): 2018 GSA Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN (4-7 November 2018), Abstract No: 319620.
Stahl M. O. (2018). Groundwater Pumping is a Significant Unrecognized Contributor to Global Anthropogenic Element Cycles. Groundwater. doi: 10.1111/gwat.12817.

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Books and Book Chapters
Zech, R., Smith, J.A., and Kaplan, M., 2009, Chronologies of the LGM and its termination in the Andes based on surface exposure dating (Chapter 3): Springer – Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research Series (DPER), Vol. 14 – Past climate variability from the Last Glacial Maximum to the Holocene in South America and Surrounding regions, Vimeux, F., Sylvestre, F., and Khodri, M. (Editors).
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Academic credentials

B.A., University of Maine; M.S., University of Washington; Ph.D., Syracuse University