Get digital access to 12 popular magazines on Flipster

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Schaffer Library has subscribed to 12 popular magazines on Flipster, a digital magazine solution for reading complete digital surrogates of magazines online and via a mobile app. Access is available to all Union College students, faculty and staff. Click here to access this resource and other periodicals such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

List of titles:

  • The New York Review of Books⁠
  • The New Yorker⁠
  • Washington Monthly⁠
  • National Review⁠
  • Rolling Stone⁠
  • Wired⁠
  • TIME⁠
  • National Geographic⁠
  • Bloomberg Businessweek⁠
  • Architectural Digest⁠
  • Consumer Reports⁠
  • The Atlantic⁠

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