Student Spotlight: Curtin Myers '15

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Curtin Myers '15

Hometown: Brookline, Mass.
Major: Political Science

Why Union:
I wanted a competitive school where I would have the ability to explore some of my more minor interests. For example, I always had an interest in music in high school but never had an outlet for it. At Union, I was able to join the a capella group, the Dutch Pipers, within the first two weeks of my first year.

Most inspiring class:
“Logic, Rationality and Life,” an elective with Professor Christopher Chabris. It incorporated guest speakers from a wide range of fields who spoke about how logic and rationality applied to their work and their careers.

Also excited about:
ReUnion Weekend. This is always an extremely fun weekend for students, and I am in the Dutch Pipers, who sing at many alumni events.

Dutch Pipers, U for Israel, U.S. Marine Corps PLC

Favorite study spot:
The Sorum House study room – no possibility for distractions

Three things I’m passionate about at Union:
1) Baseball. It was the game that defined my childhood and formative years, and I was lucky enough to play Union baseball during my first year, and I enjoyed seeing my former teammates excel to such a great season.
2) U for Israel. I was introduced to this student club by Alex Stone ’12 and have become incredibly invested in advancing its presence on campus. Last summer, I went to an AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C., with Catherine Ziac ’14 and Ariel Gomberg ’13 and learned much about Israel’s importance to its own citizens and to the U.S.
3) Ice hockey. I came from a high school, Belmont Hill, which is renowned for hockey, so it was an easy transition to Union, where our hockey team advanced to the Frozen Four my first year.

Most surprising thing about Union:
Schenectady and the surrounding area – how awesome the restaurants are and how much culture there is

Looking into the future:
If I complete USMC PLC, I will have an eight-year commitment to the Marine Corps upon graduation and hopefully, I’ll be flying some exciting machines.

How I’m making Union a better place:
Doing my best to be everywhere and anywhere on campus to see everything Union has to offer.

Advice for incoming students:
Take advantage of the incredible speakers Union brings to campus. I have learned so much by participating in the speaker circuit here.