Publication Date

Hometown: Catskill, N.Y.
MajorPhilosophySpanish and Hispanic Studies 
Minor: Japanese 

Why Union
The students seemed the most enthusiastic and excited of all the schools I'd visited. While I was on the campus tour, I was approached by a group of first-year students in the dining hall. After several minutes of animated conversation, they eventually made me promise to attend in the fall. That was the best promise I ever made.

Most inspiring class
Introduction to Ethics with Professor Mark Wunderlich. When I came to Union I had no idea what ethics was. This class not only gave me an acute awareness of ethical issues, it also spurred my interest in philosophy. As a direct result, I joined the Union Ethics Bowl Team and also embarked on my life-long journey in search of philosophical truth. My classes have been nothing less than inspirational, but my true love for philosophy comes from other, less formal interactions, such as one-on-one conversations with my professors, dinner and discussions with visiting speakers or fierce debate with my classmates.

Also excited about:
My senior thesis for Philosophy will be explore the tragedy of punishment. Even when punishment is deserved and deemed appropriate, there is something regrettable about it, especially in severe cases. Currently I am working with Professor Zaibert who is both a lawyer and an expert in the philosophy of law and punishment. By working with one of the foremost authorities in the field, I will certainly have a leg up on others entering law school and I will also be able to come in with an impressive and relevant piece of research work.

Favorite study spot
The Lamont House porch. There is nothing better than sitting in the Adirondack chairs in the shade with an engaging book.

Inspiring moment:
Learning about how Union alumni are making great advances and finding untold success in their fields. I love knowing that their Union College education helped them do so and also that if I try hard, I have the same tools for success.

Things I'm passionate about:

  • Karate. Union has an active club that meets twice a week. I love it so much that I’ve rarely missed a practice. After one year I became president and after two, I earned my brown belt.
  • Language studies and cultural events. If understanding is the bridge that links cultures, then they are the keys to the gate. This world is becoming more and more connected, and I don’t plan on getting left out of anything.
  • Photography. I have always been a talkative guy, and you know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Plus, it’s hard to resist taking images on such an idyllic campus.
  • Philosophy. I have always ardently strived to uncover the answers to life’s hardest questions. I have learned you will never find out if you don’t ask. Philosophy is about the asking. 

Other passions:
Cooking, reading, swimming, driving, biking, gaming and chess.

Most surprising thing about Union:
All of the professors that I have had the pleasure to meet are consistently available, stunningly knowledgeable, deeply compassionate, shockingly relatable and ardently passionate about their fields. I even have the privilege of calling several of them my friends.

How I'm making Union a better place:
I stay actively involved with campus and community activities. This includes being a photo editor for the student newspaper, Concordiensis, and an editor of Union's Undergraduate Journal of PhilosophyEphemeris, and my volunteer work with Kenney Community Center. I also like to think that I make Union a better place through my exuberant school spirit and good cheer.

Looking into the future:
One thing that I've learned for sure is that we can never know what life brings us but I plan on going to law school followed by a career in pursuit of justice

Advice for incoming students
Get involved, don’t hold back and excelsior!