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People in the news

Jillmarie Murphy, associate professor of English and director of the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, recently published a new book. Attachment, Place, and Otherness in 19th-Century American Literature: New Materialist Representations is part of Routledge's “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature” series. Learn more here

Politics with Beauvoir, a recent book by Lori Marso, the Doris Zemurray Stone Professor of Modern Literacy and Historical Studies, was reviewed in the current issue of the Los Angeles Review of Books. Read the review here.

Lewis Davis, professor of economics, co-authored an article included in Determinants of Populist Voting, a report by the Center for Economic Studies at the University of Munich. The article addresses the interactions between culture, economics and immigration in the rise of right-wing political parties in Europe. It is available to read here

The Ion-Beam Analysis Group recently published a paper, “PIXE Analysis of Synthetic Turf,” in Environment and Ecology Research. The authors are Michael Vineyard, the Frank and Marie Louise Bailey Professor of Physics; Scott LaBrake, senior lecturer of physics; Sajju Chalise '19; Morgan Clark '17; Skye Conlan '18; and Zachary Porat '20. Read the article here

A paper by Scott Kirkton, associate professor of biology, will be published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B – Biological Sciences. “Exploring nest structures of acorn dwelling ants with x-ray microtomography and surface based 3D visibility graph analysis” is a collaboration with James Waters of Providence College and Tasos Varoudis of University College London. The paper used the College’s new NSF funded micro-computed tomography scanner to apply architectural spatial analysis to acorn ant nests to better understand both human design and animal habitat spaces.

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