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Lewis Davis, professor of economics, has had a paper published in the Journal of Public Economics. “Political Economy of Growth with a Taste for Status” investigates how envy distorts growth-oriented policies in democratic and oligarchic societies.

An essay by Dan Venning, assistant professor of theater and English, was published in “Vying for the Iron Throne: Essays on Power, Gender, Death and Performance in HBO’s Game of Thrones.” His piece was titled, “Game of Thrones as Gesamtkunstwerk: Adapting Shakespeare and Wagner.” He also presented a talk, “Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Megamusical, and Evita: A Historical Overview,” at the ACT (A Contemporary Theatre) of Connecticut, prior to a performance of the musical.

George Shaw, professor emeritus, delivered three recent lectures at the Glen Eddy Senior Center, UCALL and the Octagon barn.

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